2016-2017, Year of Dual Jubilee…

Biblical Prophecies and Prophetic Signs, Eschatology about End Times !!!
2017 End of Double Jubilee of…
                      Jerusalem and Israel…

And May 2018, the 70 Years of State of Israel, One Generation !!!

                                                                     Written by Jean, October 1, 2016.

THE YEAR 2016 is the beginning of 2 importants Jubilees Years…
Of  Jerusalem in June 2016 and  Israel in November 2016And…            these 2 Jubilarians Years will be completed before the End of 2017 !!!

I think this Jewish Year 5777-5778 will be Very Very special Time…            Because it is riding on a double Jubilee year…              Jubilee of Jerusalem   and   Jubilee of Israel !!!

The Jubilee Year of Jerusalem has begun                                                                                      June 7, 2016.
It corresponds with the following event :

.June 7, 1967, the IDF Israeli paratroopers advanced through the Old City of Jerusalem to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, bringing back            the Holy Place of Jerusalem under Jewish control   for the first time in 2000 Years !!!

In the Bible, the Jubilee Year begins after 49 Years past,                                                            which is 7 times 7 years…                                                        “in the Bible, Leviticus 25: 8-22: The Year of Jubilee.”

On June 7, 2016 is the beginning of the 50 Th Year,                                the beginning of the Biblical Year of Jerusalem’s Jubilee !!!

Calculates the distances between 2 dates, 2 days: CALCULATION

                         The right result is June 7, 2016 !!!

                     This Jubilee Year will end on June 7, 2017 !

The Year 2016 is also marked by the beginning                                                                 of a second Jubilee !!!

The Year of Jubilee of Israel will begin in.                        November 2, 2016.
This Jubilee Year corresponds with the following event :

On November 2, 1917, there was the Balfour Declaration :
In this letter the
UK declared itself in favor of the stablishment          in Palestine of a national home for the the JEWISH.
This statement is considered as the first step Official and Historical in the recreation of the
State of Israel !!!

Calculates the distances between two dates, two days : CALCULATION

50 Years Jubilee completed + 49 Years past,  beginning of 50 Th Year, it is new Year of Jubilee :          99 Years !!!

                           The right result is November 2, 2016 !!!

                   This Jubilee Year will end on November 2, 2017 !

It is so a threefold coincidence or so a Sign from God  ?!

This  Jubilees does not correspond with the       recreation of the State of Israel in May 14, 1948 !!!

But May 14, 2018 will be 70 Years of State of Israel, One Generation, a Very Important time for God !!!

In August 31, 2017, this will make 120 Years, that the First World Zionist Congress in Basel will take place, with Theodor HERZL setting the foundations for the future re-creation of the State of Israel !!!                                                          It was from 29 to 31 August 1897…

120 Years seems prophetic, because it was the maximum limit allowed by God to men to live after the Flood of Noah’s day ! It is complete generation !!!

October 31, 2017 will be also the 500 Years of the beginning of the Christian Protestant Reformation, launched by Martin LUTHER, in October 31, 1517.

This Reformation has changed the Christian World in depth… by returning to the roots of Christianity, the Word of GOD, the Bible !!!

500 Years represents the completion of 10 Jubilee of 50 Years !!!

Shimon PERES, who died September 28, 2016, was the last                    of the Founding Fathers of the State of Israel, still alive !!!

A page in the history of Israel and humanity seems to being revolve…

             I think we are entering in a New Era !!!

In 2016, the Jewish Feast of Hanukkah has begun exceptionally            on the same day and the same evening, that the Christmas Eve,            for Catholics in the evening and night of December 24, 2016 !

Christmas day is celebrated on December 25, but beginning the 24 evening !

The Jewish Feast of Chanukah lasts 8 days !!!

It is also called the Festival of Lights, progressive lighting of the candlestick, symbol of the Holy Spirit !!!

It has finished the evening of Sunday, January 1, 2017, with all lamps burning !

And January 1, 2017, at the same time, has begun the mandate of 5 Years, of the new Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Antonio Manuel de Oliveira GUTERRES.

In English,Emanuel of the olive tree !!!

His surname GUTERRES would of Portuguese Jewish origin, because at the time of the Inquisition many Jews became Catholics !

His name seems very very prophetic !!!

This man would have the profile, and function to become the Anti-Christ…

Is it Him or not Him? I do not know…

But this is the Time to return to God in repentance,                                    fasting and prayer like never before…

Please, be prepared, not just only for You…

God loves you, God needs You…

The Spirit and the Bride say,                                                                                                                     “Come, Lord Jesus !!!”

I want to share some points and interpretations         with You, may be right, may be wrong, false…

I think that the Pope Francis is the false prophet        of the Book of Revelation in the Bible,                            who substitute True Christianity by the social,            humanism and ecumenism of global religions !!!

He talks about ecology, immigration, social, it is good…                            .                          but what about God the Salvations of souls, the True ?

Revelation 13, 11: ‘Then I saw a second beast, coming out                         of the earth. It had two horns like a lamb,                                                      but it spoke like a dragon.’

Since according to him, all the roads lead to Salvation…                            It is the BIGGEST LIE  !!!

Early January 2013, the Vatican has seen its credit card system blocked by his supplier the Deutsche Bank on the orders of the Bank of Italy…                                                                                         According to the Bible, satan is the prince of this world !

As if by “chance”, the day after the resignation of former Pope Benedict XVI, payments by credit card have been restored to the Vatican ! It is not Strange ?!

For example, the New World Order could use               the problems of Deusche Bank, for triggering             a domino effect that would be FATAL                             to our present economic system…

Read the following article:
Merkel excludes a bail-out for Deutsche Bank :            Towards the ruin of depositors !?                                     Deutsche Bank risk bankruptcy, a catastophe with its derivatives    up to 42,000 billion of €uro, while its market capitalization                   is around 17 billion of USD ! .                                                                               

English Translation !!!

The New World Order can decide that                                                         the world collapse Economic come from Germany,                             from Europe by not supporting voluntarily the Deutsche Bank,        but pushing it into bankruptcy…

Of course, that the New World Order control the IMF !!!

We will be stolen, stripped, despoiled,               and most legally of the world !!!

Afterwards, there will be a New Economic System, based on a digital money with integrated personal identification, no one will be able to buy, or sell,         without being part of the new system,                           without the mark of the beast !!!                                      The technologies are already there…Blockchain…

June 1, 2016, we have seen the gala inauguration, of the                   new tunnel of 57 kilometers of St. Gotthard, in Switzerland…
By a gigantic satanic ceremony, clear and open      for the view of All the World !!!    Some pictures !!!

The devil was clearly welcomed and worshiped…

There were the French President Francois HOLLANDE, the German Chancellor Angela MERKEL, the Italian Prime Minister Matteo RENZI, and so many others….                           This people know very well who governs really…

Yes, indeed the anti-christ, the devil incarnate is coming soon…

I think we’ll see quickly…economic collapse…a world war…the use  of  nuclears weapons…and great famines across the world !!!

I think that after the great war that comes soon on Israel, we see in the Bible, Daniel, that the Antichrist will make a covenant with many for one week,           ‘7 years ! ‘, and after 3 years and half, he will betray and profane the Temple of Jerusalem…

The Antichrist will maybe one of the initiators of the reconstruction of  the 3rd Temple of Jerusalem, what better proof to give to the Jews and Israel,          that he is indeed really the Messiah, so long awaited

The Antichrist is normally of Jewish origin, and Jew, to ensure that Jews              and Israel can trust him and believe in him !!!

Antichrist who comes soon, presents itself as the ‘Savior’, the ‘Messiah’, ‘ha mashiah’, the savior of humanity !!! He has the solution and the solutions !!!  

 He will say, “I am the ‘Solution’ !!! I am your god…”

I think the Anti-Christ is maybe the New Secretary General of the UN, Mr. Antonio Manuel de Oliveira GUTERRES, or will it be one or the next great leader of Europe, one of next President of the European       Commission, you will see in the biography of               this man, he was clearly predestined as Daniel…

So Christians who know God, You will know !!!

In 2000, my mother received a vision of God in 3 dimensions on        the Times of the End in Jerusalem, and it was for our generation !

The Christians are not ready…                                    but Jesus Christ is coming back very soon !!!

This is the time to return to God in repentance,          fasting with water or with mashed lentils,            and prayer like never before…

Please, prepare yourself, get ready, not just only for You…
God loves You, God needs You…

The Christian Life is to enter in the works              that God has provided in advance for us to do…
We must be the Lights and Good News of Salvation in Jesus Christ !!!

Praying for the sick, cast out demons…resurrect the dead !
Not by might, nor by power but by the Spirit of the Lord !!!

I advise all Christians to listen and practice                  the teachings of  The Last Reformation :
Do not waste Your life…and do not risk your Salvation !!!

Christian Life is to BE, and no, wanting to appear... It’s become living sacrifices of love for God and men…

No, not my will but Thy will, O Lord my God !!!
Watch… and pray !!!


Yes, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God is worthy, to receive our love, our lives, our crowns, Honor, Glory, Praise and Adoration…forever and ever !!!

The Spirit and the Bride say,                                                                                                                     “Come, Lord Jesus !!!”

                                                                                 Written by Jean, October 1, 2016.

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God bless You !!!



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