2018, Sign of Red Dragon ?!

2018, Year and Sign of the Red Dragon ?!

Written by JeanD, January 2, 2018.                 www.communite-chretienne-toulouse.com/
What I have written are simply personal interpretations and reflections, which may be right, but also false… even if I try to respect Biblical perspectives !!!

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In 2018 ?! Collapse of the World Economy…
and manifestation of the
Satanic New World Order…
and revelation of the
Anti-Christ, the Son of perdition !!!

Revelation 12 : 3
Another sign appeared again in the sky; and behold, he was a Great Red Dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads seven crowns.’

The Great Red Dragon can be compared to Communist China,
it already controls over 50% of the world’s production and economy.

Revelation 12 : 4
‘His tail dragged 1/3 of the stars of Heaven, and threw them on the ground.’

His tail seems to be the North Korea, which exists and has been able to develop the Nuclear Weapons, only because of the ‘Bad Will’ of China.
North Korea used nuclear weapons, it would only

be with the Agreement and the blessing of Beijing, of China.
In this case,
Communist China itself would be guilty of                                  crime against humanity!

We know that the current World Economic System is already in ‘FACT‘ in BANKRUPTCY, the US, the Europeans, the Japanese…
have used and use the billboard without any moderation, without any limits, while it is a

Do You believe it can exist in Economy, Negatives rates or even Neutrals ? What You can be pay to borrow money ?
And that it can working long time without the
World Economic System
does not
collapse on Himself ?                                                                             Of course NOT !!!

I think 2018 is going to be a Time of transition, tipping, and chaos, between the End of the current global political and economic system that we know and The New World Order !!!

We will face the global economic meltdown… by The New World Order, led by the Illuminati, which are Satanists and the IMF.                                   Because they are real pyromaniac firefighters ?!

Do you know that the American Fed, the US Federal Bank does not belong to the Americans, nor to the American government,                       but to private interests ?  Why ?!                                                                         They are private anti-democratic and ‘spoliators’ interests that control the World Economy and a very large part of the global industry… .                                                                                                                                   They are not Democrats or Republicans, nor Capitalist, nor Communist… but they work voluntarily for Satan, who is the prince of this World according to the Bible and for themselves !

They are spoiled for choice to trigger this economic collapse,                       the beginning of a great war or other…                                                             It’s really not a problem for them !!!

The collapse and disappearance of our current economic system will allow that the majority of us to be stolen, stripped, robbed…                                     and this, the most legally of the world !

Just see the New Laws passed in France in 2016-2017, by the French Governments, including the President Emmanuel MACRON, do not forget that Mr. MACRON was also Minister of the Economy under Francois HOLLANDE, compared to the blocking of Life Insurance and blocking and spoliation of our bank accounts (Bail-In) !!!

A legal spoliation of our economies has been put in place, knowing that the Bank Guarantee of 100.000 Euros in France can not be held…              It’s just logical and mathematical, IMPOSSIBLE to finance !!!

Because there were of course other possible solutions, including the separation of deposit banks and banks with speculative activities…

The collapse and destruction of the current global economic system will lead to Great Famines in the World…

This will allow to set up a New World Economic System, certainly social-communist ecological, based on a New Crypto-currency, where no One can buy, nor sell without the agreement of this New Economic System…

Revelation 13, 17: ‘and that no one could buy or sell, without having the mark, the name of the beast, or the number of his name. ‘

So this New World Economic System will have power of life and death on ALL the inhabitants of the Earth !

The Year 2018 could be marked by Ezekiel 38 and 39, the Great War in the Middle East involving the State of Israel, the economic collapse, the destruction of the United States, and the Manifestation of the Anti-Christ, who will probably be the new leader of Europe and of Jewish origin who will present himself as a goodman of peace ecologist… but this will also be the beginning of the 7 years of Tribulation of which speaks the Book of the Apocalypse, but the rapture will take place only at half of the 7 years of Tribulation, just before the Great Tribulation !!!

Israel, the Jews and the True Bible Christians will be persecuted,                as the responsible of the 3rd World War and the economic collapse !      While we can note and see that this is and will not be the case…

But the Anti-Christ and the World will designate them as the enemies of Humanity, and They will be put on the bench of society, persecuted and put to death…

Revelation 13 : 7 ‘And it was given him to war against the Saints,            and to overcome them. And he was given authority over every tribe, people, language, and nation. ‘

On September 23, 2017, We saw in heaven the Astronomical Sign of Revelation 12, the Pregnant Woman in the Sky, wrapped in the sun and crowned with 12 stars, the moon under her feet …

This Sign is UNIQUE and Extraordinary in the History of Humanity, we are clearly in the End Times !!!

Matthew 24: 34 ‘Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away, that all this will happen. ‘

In May 2018, We will celebrate the 70 Years of the State of Israel, which corresponds to One Generation according to God ! Coincidence ?!

We know that the 7 Years of Tribulation that will come on the World, correspond to the Judgments of God, but especially to the Great Harvest of Salvation!

666, it is the Number and Symbol of the Anti-Christ, the Devil,                    but also Men who want to make themselves god…                                            666, 6, spirit, 6, soul, and 6 bodies !

The Humanity will be confronted with the existence and reality of God…What will They do ? Who will They choose ? Who will They follow ?      Because there is no love without freedom, free will…

 What will You do ? Who will You choose? Who will You follow ?                       Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life in Abundant and Eternal…                 God is LOVE, choose The LIFE !!!

Let us practice the Word of God, and do the Works prepared in advance… I advise the Teachings of the The Last Reformation !!!

Watch and Pray…    Let’s get ready…    Let’s buy Time…                             Jesus Christ is coming back soon !!!

The Spirit and the bride say ‘Come Lord Jesus… Maranatha !!!’

What I have written are simply personal interpretations and reflections, which may be right, but also false…                                                                       even if I try to respect Biblical perspectives !!!

                             Download the PDF 2018, Sign of Red Dragon, January 2, 2018

Written and translated by JeanD, January 2, 2018.


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