In the World over, 100 million people would needs Eyeglass for be able to study, work, live normally, but can not do !!!

Lunette afrique

It is possible to make Quality Eyeglasses, for around 3 USD, and to be able to give them in case of philanthropy, sponsorship  and sufficient donation…in many poor countries !!!

But in the case where the donations would be insufficient, sell them around 6 USD, which will be expensive for the poor, but would make them finally accessible in the majority of the Poor Countries !!!

The revenues would be enough to self-finance associations wanting to take care of it !

Give the View for the Visually Impaired is JUST and GOOD

Christians must take responsibility and LOVE their neighbors !

Remember to pray for this project, and if you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me… This project could be implemented pretty quickly everywhere in the world!

It would certainly be the cheapest Eyeglasses of the World !!!

Which means that with God, and with people of Good Will, ALL is Possible !!!

Change the World !   Let Your Kingdom come…





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